HTKpay is your system for payments in Høje Taastrup. HTKpay gives you the option to create your own settings, and thereby adapt your consumption. If you have children that use HTKpay, you need to create an account to administrer consumption and restriction.

Why choose


Simple system

With HTKpay you create a user profile along side a payment card. Once created, the card is ready to use at vendors around Høje Taastrum kommune. You can change user- and payment-tier at any time.

Security when paying

The card used is based on NFC technology (Near Field Communication). The information about your creditcard is handled by a PCI certified acquirer. The use of HTKpay is similar to standard online purchases, and is a safe and quick way to pay.

Future payment

HTKpay is the payment method of the future. You don't need cash and can control the daily usage. You can create your own maximum daily usage and easily adjust this if needed.

The system benefits

You get a lot of benefits using HTKpay. For example, you get:

Less cash gives a more safe day og minimizes the risk of theft.

Avoid losing cash and thus not be able to use vendors.

No contact with unhygienic coins and notes.

Faster service at the counters - (payment can be done in under 2 seconds),

Lost cards kan be blocked online by parents or children.

The possibility to set a maximum daily usage and prevent overspending.

SMS notifications can be selected using HTKpay. You receive an SMS every time the card is used.

Parental security

By creating a HTKpay account you have several opportunities to create security and terms for the usage of the card:

Where the card can be used?

How much to spend pr. day.

Possibility to receive SMSnotification, when card is used.

Lost cards can be blocked immediately at

View all transactions on the card at

Easy payout of deposits, directly to a desired account.