Here you can read frequently asked questions, that may answer yours.

How much can be purchased per day?

Payer decides maximum consumption per. day. Max consumption can always change.

Where can purchases be made?

Payers choose from the associated vendors, where cards can be used.

What should I do if cards are lost?

Sign in to HTKpay and block account. Select menu item "Block card" which is the same location where card can be activated if it is found again.

How do I avoid having my child stand without money on the card?

During setup, automatic refill can be selected. An Email is automatically sent when refilled. There is also the possibility of receiving an SMS when refilled. This costs 0.25 kr. per SMS.

Can I see what my child is buying?

Choose the transactions tab on HTKpay, where all transactions can be seen.

Can I get remaining funds on the card paid out?

Yes, select "Refund" and fill in the fields and the amount will be paid.

Can I assign multiple cards to the same user?

Yes, choose the payer, then tap "Create child" and you can associate multiple HTKpay cards.

Is it safe to transfer money to HTKpay?

Yes, all transactions pass through PCI certified and approved redeemers. When money is transferred to your own HTKpay account, it corresponds to making a trade online. Only the authorized PCI have access to your credit card information.

Can anyone else but me get access to the account?

No, you will need a password to log in to your account. We do not recommend sharing passwords with others. If others are suspected of gaining access to your password, it is recommended to change the password immediately.

I have received a new credit card to be used for payments, should I change the new credit card information?

Yes, you have to change your credit card information yourself. Sign in to HTKpay and enter credit card information.

Automatic refueling does not work: Did you receive a new credit card?

Remember to change credit card information as described in the manual.